What’s a Bandersnatch?

Your Favourite Campus Newspaper’s FAQs

By Zoe Shaw (Editor-in-Chief)

Q: So, what is a Bandersnatch? Does it bear any resemblance to Lewis Carroll’s fictional creature?

A: The name of our newspaper is indeed taken from Carroll’s novel Through the Looking-Glass, but what you find on the stands is John Abbott College’s student-run campus newspaper. No one’s really quite sure what Carroll’s Bandersnatch really looks like, but the general consensus seems to be that it’s big and ugly (and furious). Our paper is not.

Q: Can I have one?

A: They’re big, ugly, and furious. Would not recommend as pets. And you’re obviously holding a copy of the newspaper, so you already know that you can pick it up on stands around campus or check it out online.

Q: How often does a new issue come out?

A: We publish a new issue of the Bandersnatch biweekly, as in every other week. If we published a new issue biweekly, as in twice a week, we’d have no time to exist. We would just turn into newspapers.

Q: When do I look for new issues?

A: Same day as new comic book day! Wednesdays.

Q: Can I join the paper?

A: Absolutely! Most of our staff graduated last year (to our relief), so we’ve got plenty of open positions. We’re looking for an assistant production manager, an office manager, a webmaster, a campus life editor, a news editor, an opinions editor, sports writers, staff writers, and production staff. The office manager keeps our office in order (like a cleaning person, but we don’t pay you), the webmaster keeps our website in order, editors are responsible for specific sections of the paper that you’re about to read, writers write articles, and production staff helps us cross our ‘i’s and dot our ‘t’s before we publish new issues.

Source: johnabbott.qc.ca
Source: johnabbott.qc.ca

Q: Are there benefits to joining the paper?

A: No, no one gets paid. Yes, we actually chose to do extra work on top of classes and jobs. However, like most of the clubs around school, Bandersnatch is a great place to meet people of like minds. Trust me, it’s really easy to make friends here. Too easy.

Q: I don’t want to make friends.

A: I’m personally offended. Well, by holding a staff position, you’ve got both bragging rights (because being part of a campus newspaper is rewarding) and something to put on your CV. Holding a regular position at a campus newspaper on top of studies shows that you’re a hard worker.

Q: Sweet, I want to join! When are the meetings?

A: Every other Tuesday at 5:30! Which other Tuesday? September 2nd is our first open meeting. If you’re interested in attending meetings or being part of the paper in any way, MIO myself or Julian Pancaldi, my familiar.

Q: I just want to write one article for a specific section. Can I do that?

A: Absolutely! Check out the headers for the section you want to write for, and you’ll find an email address there. After making sure your article complies with the rules listed at the bottom of the sidebar to the right of this article, send away!

Q: This paper sucks.

A: No, you suck. We take suggestions.

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