Anthony Issa

We mourn the loss of our beloved friend and Games Editor, Anthony Issa. His witty and clever reviews will be missed dearly. Anthony brought a lot of laughter to the Bandercrew, and his lack of presence will not go unnoticed.

Anthony was covering a local video game convention, in which he found a tent located outside of the convention center. The tent had a sign advertising “Rare and Obscure games: Inquire inside!”. Anthony’s curiosity was peaked so he decided to enter. The tent was packed with game cartridges he had never seen before, many looked like unofficial bootlegs but they were so intriguing that he decided to inquire about them.

The tent was kept by a strange old man with a beard, and he seemed oddly enthusiastic about selling Anthony one of his products. Anthony humored him by asking about a physical copy of an indie cult Action MMORPG that was said to be “digital only” for his Nintendo Switch.  “Is this legit?”, he asked the shopkeeper. He replied with, “Do you have your Switch on you sir?” Anthony did in fact have his Switch on him. “Try it for yourself, I promise it will change your life forever.” It was a very odd thing to say. Nonetheless, Anthony put the cartridge into his Switch and turned it on. The screen flashed a bright white and so did his eyes. Anthony dropped to the floor as if his soul left his body. After the incident, the tent was nowhere to be seen, along with his body. Though that very night, there was an update for the game featuring a very “familiar” new playable character.

Originally Published on Vol.49 Issue 14 on April 29th, 2020