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I’m a future student considering John Abbott and I can be pretty nervous around most people. Is this school the friendliest CEGEP, or are the people a bit closed minded here?

The greatest thing when comparing high school to CEGEP is the increased number of students. Although it may seem intimidating at first, more people will ultimately mean more openness. With more students comes different kinds of people. No matter what kind of person you are, you will manage to find similar minded people. Whether your passion is art, video games, sports or school, you’re bound to find at least one person with similar interests. When you think about coming to JAC, don’t think about the scary things! Think about the possibilities that await you! All the people you’ve yet to meet will be part of the next chapter of your life.

I was a student who began my college education at another CEGEP, and as a consistent procrastinator, I felt out of place at such a work- heavy school. At JAC I feel more at home with students who are more carefree. There are also plenty of students who work tremendously hard and if this describes you, you won’t feel out of place.

In all honesty, there’s no way of knowing how friendly JAC students are in comparison to other CEGEPs, but one thing’s for sure… No matter what type of person you are, you have friends waiting at JAC.

“I’m gay. How do I tell a straight guy I have a massive crush on him? Like, DAMN, he’s my type and he’s also really nice.

Well, I think we can all agree that honesty is the best policy. Just be honest. He should be honoured that you think so highly of him. As long as he is mature, he will be nothing but flattered by your feelings. I like to think that most CEGEP students are mature enough to handle these situations like adults. Nonetheless, what’s the worst that can happen?


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