Ask Alice

Alice, how is the cafeteria? Is the food good?

I hope you’re not assuming I eat a lot because I could out eat you in any hot dog eating competition. The food is pretty good, great variety for a college, but the prices are … something else.

I hope you earn more than $20 a week because you will maybe have to head out to Ste-Catherine’s… To be honest though they do have some days when you can eat for a buck so, that’s good I guess.

Alice, my teacher is being weird and not posting any grades yet… Is that normal?

Actually, some people are super “busy” like Mariah Carey, but that’s not the case here. Teachers have an obligation to post grades 2 weeks after the hand-in deadline. You can go see SUJAC about it, talk to them about how they can help you find a solution. Honestly, it’s unfair for teachers to keep you in the dark like that; how are we supposed to do well?


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