Ask Alice

Dearest Alice, how may I find my prince charming?

Why would you want to find a prince charming? Ain’t nothing good ever come from a prince, let alone charming. In all the stories, princesses always have to save themselves because as soon as the prince is introduced, all hell brakes loose! Don’t trust no prince in any type of kingdom, be your own charming better half!

Alice, when does class finish? What happens for next semester?

Well, if you’re part of the upper-smarty class, school finishes sometime in like the end of December, which is far. If you’re part of the artiste-class, school finishes early December. Don’t cry though, if you study hard enough, you’ll get a good job! For the rest of us, we can take advantage of the month and a half of vacation to read books, or maybe draw a thing or two. Don’t forget to pay your semester fees on Omnivox though!

Alice, what do you think of “it” couples?

Honestly, I think it’s full of it. Everyone is different and everyone has their own standards. You like Brangelina? That’s nice. I have hope though, seeing as the new royal couple is basically a prince with a regular person (although she is an actress so does that really count as normal?). Nothing says regret like loving an empty bed, especially if you’re supposed to share it with someone. Believe in yourself and yourself only!

Yo Alice, how do I cope with family over the holidays?

Yo OP, you just deal. Family is dumb, family is loving, family is oppressive, and family is accepting. People are crazy out there and yes, just because they are family, doesn’t mean you have to get along with them, but the holidays are short. Do what I do, if you’re of legal age, sip on that champagne or wine, it’ll make things a little funnier and your weird aunt might finally stop trying to kiss your cheeks once you smell like wine.


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