Ask Alice

Alice, I’m from another culture and I really want to show it off! I want to show the world my spice and my beautiful background!!

Everyone should be free to express what they love and what made them, just don’t bring your parents to school. We are all made of different parts from different manufacturers. Luckily, the school is having its multicultural week soon! Ain’t that just delightful? Just head onto Omnivox for all the info and if you miss it, then that’ll just be sad. Don’t miss out on it!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, I need advice ‘fore I hit the wall. Tell me what I should do about my cheating boyfriend?

Anger, revenge, vindictive mannerisms; don’t do any of them. The best way to get back at someone is to walk away because you don’t give them the satisfaction of making them the center of everything. Look up, hear the birds, be the birds. Fly away, young padawan, and be the greatest jedi you can be. You could always also just mess with him and get angry but, you know, that might get you into trouble…


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