Back to School BBQ

by Bree Carpenter
Production Manager

Hey Abbott inhabitants, we hope you enjoyed the Welcome Back Barbecue held on September 1st.

This fun gathering included tarot readers, free hot dogs, chips, and drinks as well as appearances from all the amazing clubs at Abbott. Students flocked from all over campus to gather outside in front of the Herzberg building for the festivities, perusing the various club tables set up to entice new members. The clubs put on fun and creative displays and many new students joined in and embraced the experience.

Some noticeable displays included the breakdancing club, whose members showed off their skills all afternoon on their impromptu dance floor. The Christian Fellowship had students flocking to their game wheel to win prizes. JACSA (John Abbott College Spirituality Association) lured tons of students to their table with tasty lollipops and sent them on their way after a brief chat with well-designed pamphlets describing the club’s activities.

Some Bandersnatch nerds. Photo courtesy of Vanessa Burns.
Some Bandersnatch nerds. Photo courtesy of Vanessa Burns.

If you didn’t make it to the Welcome Back Barbecue, don’t worry! There are still lots of opportunities to join any of the great clubs hosted on campus. In Herzberg basement, there are club rooms across from and beside the Oval Coffee House. Feel free to walk in or knock on any of the club room doors to talk to members and figure out how to join. To new students who are skeptical about joining a club because it might affect their school work, I urge you to reconsider. Clubs and meeting new people are one of the most memorable parts of the college experience.

So please don’t be shy and come join in! We look forward to seeing new people lurking around the club rooms… and hopefully even a few of you waltzing into the Bandersnatch office.

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