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Why the Fall Season Is the Best Time to Be a Sports Fan

It’s the month of August and everyone is going back to school. For those who have a love and devotion for sports, this time of year is the most exciting because many of the major sports are in full swing or about to begin for the season.

During the month of August, many Major League Baseball teams only have about 40 games left on their schedule. This is when the playoff race heats up and teams fight for control of their division, while others battle for the final wild card spots which will all help determine the winner of the World Series. August, September, and October are the best months to be a baseball fan, and the action surrounding this time could distract any aficionado from their studies.

One of the other sports that kicks off in August is football. For those who enjoy Canadian football, the season has been going on since July and soon the playoff races will be heating up in the CFL. Those who love football but don’t necessarily like the Canadian game shouldn’t be too worried though. The NFL is currently hosting pre-season games and will be starting sometime in September. As any NFL fan would attest to, the pre-season ultimately means nothing but still allows the hardcore fans to have a taste of what the season holds. It is a time where new players get to put their skills to the test and coaches can make adjustments for opening day. For anyone who knows football, even before the first ball is snapped, there is always something to talk about.


The next big sport that starts this fall is of course Canada’s national past-time. This of course is hockey. While the month of August doesn’t hold much weight for the average hockey fan, it is still a time where rookies are making their way through development camp and teams are trying desperately to re-sign their biggest stars. Once September rolls around, training camp will begin and a string of Pre- Season games will take place to tease the taste buds of Canadians everywhere. This will then be proceeded by the regular season which will start in early October and will surely prove to be a nice distraction for some of the students here at John Abbott College.

The final sport that will begin this fall is basketball. The NBA roughly follows the same schedule as the NHL and will begin sometime in early October. The NBA has been one of the most interesting and dramatic leagues in terms of storylines these past couple of years and this season should prove to be no different.

No matter what your preference, there will be something to distract any sports fan from the grind that CEGEP can tend to be. The next three months will be so jam-packed with sports that sports fans will need three TVs just to keep up, and for many, that isn’t a bad thing.

by Eloc Xela

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