CAUGHT RED HANDED Red Sox Uses Apple Watch to Cheat

Connor Sin-Chan

Last week it was revealed that the Boston Red Sox used an Apple Watch to illegally transmit hand signals used by their rivals the New York Yankees. In a video sent by Yankee’s general manager, Brian Cashman, to the MLB, it shows Red Sox trainer Jon Jochim in the dugout look at his Apple Watch before passing a message over to his player on the field. Further investigation by the MLB revealed that for the scheme to work it would require a Red Sox runner on second base. As the opposing team’s catcher uses an encoded message to determine which pitch is thrown, members of the Red Sox team watching a video feed of the catcher would decode the message. The decoded message is sent through the Apple Watch to someone in the dugout who can tip off the player on second base. This player, in front of the batter, tells him which pitch was to be thrown so they can better receive the pitched ball.

After this story was revealed, the Red Sox pushed back on the Yankees by providing evidence that they directed their YES Network cameras to Red Sox Coach Gary DiSarcina during games. The fixed YES camera shows DiSarcina gesturing hand signals to the players, and could have been used by the Yankees to steal the signals. Stealing hand signals is not illegal in MLB, but the use of technology to do so is. So both teams are expected to be punished, but in the world of competitive sports and bitter team rivalries it is doubtful that either side will give up on finding ways to get an upper hand.

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