Dear Alice, how do you get over an all-nighter? I have no time to sleep and I am constantly moody. What do I do?

Dear Jane, It is a bit early in the semester to be pulling allnighters, but don’t worry. We have all been there, and there are ways out of this temporary death. First, be proud of what you have accomplished! All-nighters are tough but I am sure you have done superhuman feats to finish your work, so you shouldn’t feel down. Feeling down robs you of your energy! Second, DO NOT drink tons of caffeine! Drink one coffee followed by an immediate 30-minute power nap during your break in any of the student lounges. Sleep next to a friend for added comfort and safety. Third, know that this is temporary; you feel horrible now but it is only uphill from here! Fourth, plan a treat at the end of your day. It will help you to persevere and finish your classes with a bang! Good luck!

Dear Alice, what are the dangers of marijuana?

I am not an expert on hallucinogens, but here is the fruit of my google search summed up in a sentence: DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER smoking it until you are 25, and your brain has fully developed. Basically, THC acts on the part of your brain that is responsible for brain development (inception). It CAN decrease memory function and concentration; cannabis use has also been associated with sleepiness, anxiety, fear or panic episodes. You can take your chances, or you can find a safer and more meaningful way to enjoy life.

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