Image Source: Flickr

Marc Randy
Science & Tech Editor

Torn from my cocoon

Ripped from my cradle

I must bear the stinging sun outside

For it is the hour of reckoning for me

It was time for me to leave

Time for me to get out and begin

But I didn’t think it would be this painful

Didn’t think I would feel so violated

I’m dried up, cracks running all over my mind

I have nothing to shield me from these deadly rays

The only thing I still have is somehow being in one piece

Despite being on the verge of shattering like pottery under a hammer

I need to fix myself

I need to begin

My work hasn’t even begun yet

I need to get it together

Lest I remain broken forever

Torn from my mind

Thrust onto the grand stage

Left to struggle all alone

For only I can fix myself

No help will come

Only I can do this

I’m scared

Originally Published on Vol.49 Issue 13 on April 15th, 2020