Getting To Know: The Social Media Manager

Ryan joseph
Social Media Manager

Hi, I’m Ryan, the Social Media Manager. During my time in Bandersnatch, tables have been flipped and coconuts have been got. I mostly write for entertainment, as movies and music are passions of mine. I love going to the theatre and being the first to critique a film. In the last two years, I have vastly expanded my knowledge of the medium, exploring genres, directors, writers, actors, and styles individually. I even started making films of my own. My favorite movies are Casino, Birdman, and Toy Story. I also enjoy art, whether it is digital drawing or traditional.

I listen to a lot of music! So much so that I rarely don’t have a pair of earbuds on me, or in my ears. The genres I listen to can range from experimental weird pop like “Death Grips to The Doors” to “Glass Animals”. There is almost nothing I won’t listen to… except for country. Being a part of Bandersnatch has given me the opportunity to go to many concerts and even interact with artists personally. I remember going to a concert with my bud Andrew and feeling so professional as we walked into the venue and saw our names on the guest list. So many people approached us and asked us if we were big deal reporters or worked for The Gazette, which was pretty sick.

I love being part of Bandersnatch and I’m super excited to be Entertainment Editor next semester!

Originally Published on Vol.49 Issue 13 on April 15th, 2020