Current Covid-19 Situation in Italy

Andrea Nikolov
Staff Photographer

As the novel coronavirus spreads around the globe, many countries find themselves in panicked states and many others find themselves at the epicenter of the virus. Such is the case for Italy, which is the second most affected country after China.

The country has had to pay large expenses to keep health practitioners safe, and help the affected population recover and stay alive in hospitals. With the number of cases rising in smaller cities and in the outskirts, as well as in more major cities, Italy was forced to go into lockdown. It has also closed all public places and cancelled gatherings of large crowds, and the government asked that people stay in their homes and should only go out for essential reasons.

The US embassy has classified COVID-19 as a worldwide spread of a class 4 pandemic disease with characteristics similar to the common cold and MERS (Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome), as well as SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome).

Although cures and vaccines are being tested by multiple pharmaceutical companies, we can only expect actual results and definitive preventive medical treatment in several months at the minimum. Doctors and nurses alike are working hard in Italy and everywhere else in the world to assist those who need raspatory help.

Medical hotlines specifically for people with flu like symptoms or those who may have been exposed to the virus are open now. Those at risk should call now and get checked out to reduce contamination and to stay safe.

Originally Published on Vol.49 Issue 11 on March 18th, 2020