Increase Your Confidence and Self-esteem

by Maria Jose Salcedo
Campus Life Editor

Have you ever wondered how to get out into the world, to overcome that internal block that is holding you back, making you feel insecure? Well, I once did. But now, what if I told you that there is a way to turn things around, to make you feel better about yourself, and that it has been lying in front of you all this time…

Dance is a great way to get started boosting your confidence and self-esteem. While learning how to dance, you are building your courage to break through something you might have been ashamed of, to realize that you are actually very good at shaking it. Dancing is a physical exercise that involves movement with different types of music. You would be amazed at the variety there is to choose from.

As you might know, there is a song for every feeling you have experienced. Just to name a few, Salsa or Latin dances make you feel sexy and fierce, hip-hop and break dance make you feel strong and full of power, and contemporary makes you feel free.

JAC’s Dance Club Photo courtesy of Maria Jose Salcedo
JAC’s Dance Club
Photo courtesy of Maria Jose Salcedo

By going with the flow of music you are opening yourself to a connection between your mind and your body. It is essential in every aspect of life to have some sort of balance. Too much or too little of something can be harmful. In this case you are seeking a middle ground between what you think you are and what you really are.

Dancing helps you understand yourself better. With every move and every step you take, you learn more about yourself. You learn about your emotions, your limits, your perseverance, your personality, and your energy. When you gather all these things together you reach the potential of self-acceptance.

Being a student at John Abbott College has its advantages. The college encourages students to create and participate in clubs. In this case, Andrea Montes, President of the Dance Club, shares her views about being involved in this movement. Keep in mind that hips don’t lie. “I always wanted to be part of a crew… I knew I wanted to expand dancing to everybody and show them that they could dance! I had my lil crew in my last college in Quebec City. We were like family. When I came here, I set a goal to continue my love for dancing for those who love it as well. Just by meeting someone like Anna Krupa, VP of the Dance Club, with a simple question: “Do you want to be in a Dance Club?” We got bigger and bigger until we decided to name our crew “Legion”. The purpose of it is to have fun, to meet new people, especially for the Abbott students in their first year, and also to learn different dance styles”.

There are so many things to gain from dancing; are you ready to start the challenge?

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