CBC Radio Show Visits JAC

by Penina Simon (Contributor)

On October 10th, 2014, the crew of Daybreak, a show on CBC radio Montreal began to set up in the John Abbott Stewart Hall cafeteria in the early hours of the morning. The show is live and airs on weekdays at 5:30AM on 88.5FM. Daybreak covers regional, provincial and occasionally national news and sometimes, like on that cold and eventually sunny Friday morning, they travel to locations in Montreal where they can cover stories that don’t quite make it downtown.

The cafeteria was crowded as early as 6:30AM by students and teachers as well as people from around the West Island who wanted to stop by. There was free
tea, coffee, pastries, and plenty of fresh apples. Some of the stories that were covered were the quality of French education in high school, the possibility of metro services in the west island and even some voices from John Abbott College.

The Daybreak team finished broadcasting at about 8:25AM, and a question and answer period followed until 9AM. The hosts discussed how they started in the field and responded to questions about journalism and storytelling.

The cafeteria had been filled with a buzz of excitement and chatter throughout the event. Although the microphones had been a bit quiet, everything else seemed to have run smoothly. The hosts of the program, the crew, the guests and the audience all had a great time.

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