John Abbott, My school


Or What Students Like About Their CEGEP and its Campus

Marjolaine Pilon
Campus Life Editor

When I was in high-school, my principal voted in favor of having students wear partial uniform. At first, EVERY SINGLE STUDENT was angry and ferociously protested. We did multiple protests to show our displeasure and could not stand how unfair it was to let adults dictate how we should dress. After all, isn’t clothing a way of showing who we are to others? I felt like I was losing my personality when I was wearing marine and grey T-shirts. I was becoming a sheep! Even though teenagers were outraged and discouraged by that horrible decision, adults around me did not show any kind of support. They said it was a good idea, that it would strengthen our sense of belonging towards the school.

At first, I did not understand what they meant. Now, I do. Feeling like you belong to a school, that you actually fit in the clubs, the team sports or the friendships born from a similar interest is an incredible sensation that can make your CEGEP journey 10 times better. Not even: 100 times better!

At Abbott, we are not forced to wear uniforms, and even without a dress code, it is obvious that the majority of us are proud to be an Abbott student. Why?

I asked students from different programs, different ages to tell me what they liked most about John Abbott College. I was impressed to hear what came up. Please, have a look!

This is my second semester at John Abbott, and I honestly love it here. I admit that when I first came here I was worried about how it would go, but thanks to Abbott’s friendly atmosphere and multiple clubs, I felt like I fit in quite quickly. Even now, I’m an Editor for the school paper, something I never thought I’d do. All to say, I guess what I like most about Abbott is the people who come here and do their best to create this environment, so that everyone has a place they can fit into.

– Camille Pigeon, Science

What I like about John Abbott is the variety of activities and courses offered to students. There is always something for everybody. Also, the spirit and passion we have for our sport teams is awesome. Everyone feels lucky to be here!

– Ariane Fréchette, Commerce

JAC’s amazing laboratories, computer areas and numerous quiet study zones have all helped enhance my learning as a student. Outside of the academic realm, I really appreciate the school’s eco-friendly mentality and initiatives. For instance, you almost never see a garbage can without a recycling bin beside it. Most of all, I love that at any given time, at any location in the school, I can look around and see people of all different ethnicities. JAC completely embraces and prides itself upon its diverse student body and faculty, and I believe that that is it’s greatest strength.

– Jamie Halperin, Science

John Abbott has changed my life! Within the first few days I met the guy I can call my absolute best friend, and through him I have made so many other friends. These people have changed my life so much and I owe it all to making that decision to go to JAC.

– Andrew Wood, Professional Theatre

One thought on “John Abbott, My school

  • March 17, 2021 at 1:07 pm

    I am an alumnus of John Abbott College. I was a student there over thirty years ago and still have great memories. I went on to study at Florida State University. John Abbott provided a good foundation enabling me to be successful. My program was Pre-Engineering (Pure&Applied Science). It was challenging. The football team is the equivalent of (US) Division II and something to be proud (of) as
    they finally won the championship in 2019. I am proud to see former Abbott football players make it
    in the CFL, NFL, NCAA and Canadian University teams. Abbott even has at least one Nobel Prize winner.
    The only downside may be that it is such a great college in a wonderful setting that you may never want to leave. I highly recommend it.


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