Magic X Love

Chapter Three

Zero Walker (Staff Writer)

The chain has snapped, and the boy falls with the girl in his arms. As he falls, the fragments of the broken chain fling around, and out of nowhere a blue-colored chain appears. The blue chain connects with the broken chain and it contracts.

The boy holds the girl in mid-air. They are hoisted upwards and come onto the elevator platform. The girl holds the boy without realizing that it’s over.

The boy says, “We’re up. Let go already.”

The girl realizes she is holding him and blushes. “Thank you,” she says, letting go.

The boy looks at her and says, “Be more careful with your manipulation.”

With that said, he gets up and goes to check on the rest of the students. As the boy passes each person, he notices one that doesn’t belong to the group and thinks to himself, “He must be the one who used the blue chain…He doesn’t have a uniform, so he’s not an officer…Did I overlook him?”

A new officer comes forward and says, “I apologize for this terrible ordeal that you all have experienced, but thanks to the heroic efforts of your classmate, you are all safe. A round of applause for the hero!”

Everyone claps. However, the boy remains unmoved and silent. The groups of students are escorted to the main hall, where everyone then enters the auditorium. Everyone takes their seats. A man walks onto the stage. Naturally, everyone is talking amongst themselves about the incident that just took place. But the man on the stage doesn’t yell. Rather, students begin to find it harder to stay awake. All of them become silent. The man finally speaks. “Welcome to Albion. I know many of you have traveled from long distances to get here. For those who were able to stay conscious, I congratulate you. But for those who couldn’t, I ask you to leave now.”

Students begin to look at each other with question. The man states, “If you fell unconscious, it means that you don’t have the resolve that Albion seeks in its students; you lack the basic requirement. If you thought that was tough, you have no idea what awaits you. Now, I shall repeat myself: Leave now if you don’t have the capacity to take on what Albion offers.”

Everyone is silent, but within a few moments a handful get up and walk out.

“I see that the rest of you have chosen to stay,” the man says. “My name is Orpheos, and I’m your headmaster.”

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