R. Money (Contributor)

Eyes sunken like a heroin addict with cement shoes

You’ll be in the river without a push when you hear the good news
Big man’s back from his trip to congress

Back in the house and back under your mom’s dress

The house is a mess without me

You’re not in line unless you’re being stared at by my university degree

I got it printed on a belt

Closest you’ll be to a degree is when you’ve smelt and felt the welt

When you were born I knelt in church

Reminded God I have a family you’re not to besmirch

Jesus is disappointed

He doesn’t like the direction of gay drugs you’re pointin’

Maybe if I kick you out with a tub and a toaster you’ll learn to do the math

Live under it, or take a bath and take Satan’s wrath

You could find another home but they’re all like me

Take a look round and ask the question, laddie

Who’s your daddy

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