Philosopher’s Stone

The University of Paris
Yeah, the whole University

Let it be known by Arnaldus de Villa Nova, learned philosopher, that there is but one Philosopher’s Stone, or Medicine, that has within it the red or white tincture that may be used in the transmutation of base metals into noble elements. This Arcanum, most priceless treasure of the world, may be obtained by our magistery using the purification and fixation of a Physical Stone together with the tinging quicksilver, which is the essence of all metals for all metals are formed of it.

First, a proper Physical Stone or medicine must be extracted from a metal. It may come from any metal, but is most pure in gold and silver. The Stone must then be sublimed and purged of all impurities, till it is subtle and volatile. Then, it must be fixed by all methods until it can withstand the test of fire. After this, the volatile part is combined together with the fixed part by alternating methods of sublimation and solution, till there forms a the red or white tincture.

From the works of Avicenna, the red elixir is the sulfur of gold, the Sun, and the white is that of silver, the Moon. These sulfurs are found not on earth, but only within these lucent bodies, whose rays tinge other elements with red or white light. By these methods the Philosopher’s Stone may be formed and its sulfurs may be used to transmute the impure metals into those brilliant bodies of the Sun and the Moon, and none shall find any plainer methods in all the books of the Sages. Praise be to the Holy Trinity and blessed be the Virgin Mary.

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