Prescriptoin Metaphors

Casey Dosbon

My depression is a tornado

Spinning cotton candy out of my sanity
But I’m so desperate for sweetness that I
choke it down
Breaking the promise to myself that I wouldn’t
So it would be easier to disappear
But that didn’t matter
Since it all came back up
It wasn’t spun sugar
Just rock salt

My depression is the obligation invite to the
birthday party

Everyone knows it doesn’t quite belong
But everyone is nice to it
After all, there’s a reason it got the invite
You make small talk and pray for the
to end so you can go back to living
Except that can’t happen
You can’t ignore the obligation invite’s
That would be rude
So everyone just makes a silent deal to be
And pray this ends quickly

My depression is a suitcase

It holds every aspect of my life
Keeping them close enough so I know they’re
But letting me know that I can’t have
Unless I open it up first
And I’ve never been able to pack light
So soon, every single thing I know is living
inside the
I can’t lose
Following me around on a trip I no longer
know if I
want to take
The suitcase is too heavy for my arms to hold
So I carry it under my eyes

My depression is a war zone
And as my mind lands on the land mines
I hide behind metaphors

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 48 Issue 02 on September 26, 2018