Review of a Dope Album

by Emilio Bagtas Junior

Tired of those repetitive songs on the radio? Tired of rappers screaming at you? #ripmeekmill Want to support an up-and-coming artist? #hipsterlife

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you definitely need a Change of Scenery.

Source: Quinn XCII’s Facebook page
Source: Quinn XCII’s Facebook page

Change of Scenery is a 6 song EP by newcomer artist Quinn XCII. Although he was born in Detroit, his music does not involve shooting people or selling drugs. The upbeat and positive vibe of his songs will, without a doubt, make your head nod as you’re listening to it, blazed out on a Friday night. His songs also have a unique sound: a nice mix of indie and hiphop. Quinn shows his diversity as he mixes up his flow and sings the hook in each of his songs. The most notable song on this EP is “Another Day in Paradise”; you can catch the music video on his YouTube channel (Quinn XCII). You can also find Quinn on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @QuinnXCII. You can also slide into my dms on Twitter (@ayeitsjayr), holla at my boy on IG (@elguapo_chapo) and Snapchat my homie (swagavanttout).

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