Some Advice For Your Valentines Gift Shopping This Year

Valentine’s is approaching fast, and everyone’s on the search for that perfect gift for their special someone. There’s an art to shopping for valentines, it’s not as significant as a birthday or an anniversary, and it is really easy for your gift to cross the line from cute to cheesy. Heart-shaped chocolates are overdone, a bouquet of roses is too cliché. What else, what else? A mixtape, maybe? Probably better for a more significant occasion like an anniversary. Something simpler, but something that is still thoughtful and sweet. Matching shirts? Write a card? Oh wow, I really hope you don’t give your significant other a card for Valentine’s day. It all depends on how long you’ve been together and what your partner prefers. Cheesy might be the best way to go and you can show up at their door with a giant teddy bear, or a mixtape if this valentines day is especially significant for you guys. Whatever you do, make sure you show them you care. It’s all that matters.
Image Source: Burst Shopify

Defne Veral
Campus Life Editor

Originally published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 08 on February 7, 2018