Hi Islanders!

In the past little while, SUJAC has been very busy around the college! Some of the highlights include planning Food Truck Friday and meetings with the librarians regarding student satisfaction/use of library spaces, as well as with the Director of ITS concerning the WiFi in the College. Most importantly, we held Elections for the new SUJAC executives and are pleased to announce the 2023-2024 SUJAC Executive Team:

President Mae Jaslyn Dagsaan

VP Internal Bella Galofre

VP Academic Dara Kiley

VP Finance Masha Rudak

VP External Pat Chlystek

VP Communications Ana Burtovyy

Congratulations! And a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who voted–without you, there is no SUJAC!

On behalf of the 2022-2023 SUJAC Executive Team, we want to thank every student for making this year so incredible and for giving us the privilege of representing your voices. We also want to express our sincerest appreciation to the Congress members who have been by our side every step of the way. Everything we have accomplished this year has been because of their unwavering support and dedication.

As the semester closes, we invite everybody to celebrate the end of the academic year at Springfest on Wednesday (Friday schedule), May 10, with a special SUJAC Tie-Dye Booth and a Beavertail Truck!

Good luck to everyone with final exams and we wish you all a restful and refreshing summer 🙂

Your SUJAC Executive Team 2022-2023:

President Daniel Magee

VP Internal Valentina Perez Rojas

VP Academic Sophia Clarisse Pasia

VP Finance Hannah Bloom

VP External Kevin He

VP Communications Magali Shimotakahara

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