SUJAC’s Response to Student’s Activism

In response to the Black Lives Matter movement, John Abbott students are embracing activism through social media posts, educating themselves on racism, and attending protests. As the representation of the student body, the Student Union of John Abbott College (SUJAC) is committed to protecting and promoting the rights and interests of all students. SUJAC therefore stands in solidarity with the fight against racism that students experience at the College.

To support the Black Lives Matter movement, the student union will fight against racism on campus through its endeavours in Congress—the legislative branch of SUJAC—as well as in its presence on various college committees. SUJAC is currently evaluating the different approaches it may adopt in order to effectively support its students who experience racism. SUJAC hopes to educate the student population on the history of racism, and its presence in the 21st century. SUJAC believes that it is crucial to include a diverse array of student voices in its decision-making process, especially in decisions that directly impact students.

After a productive meeting with students and the Diversity & Equity Office, SUJAC heard its classmates voice their concerns regarding a lack of representation. Within the student union, students may help create change by participating in Congress, whether by speaking their mind, voting, running for an Executive position, or sitting on a committee such as the Diversity & Social Equity Working Group. SUJAC invites all full-time students who are passionate about improving student life or aspire to gain leadership skills to join Congress in the upcoming fall semester. Joining Congress is the first step in initiating impactful dialogue that will lead to concrete actions to combat racism and improve student life at John Abbott College

For more information about Congress or SUJAC’s efforts, please contact SUJAC’s VP Internal, Théophile Bourgeois, by MIO or reach out to SUJAC’s VP Communications on social media (@instasujac).


The executive team of the Student Union of John Abbott College.

Originally Published on as a standalone article on June 13th, 2020

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