We don’t need just schools, we need education

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Picture this: getting off the bus, getting home, a parent asking:
“Hey, how was school today?” and you answer “it was fine” not really thinking about giving an answer because many times there is no interesting answer or we do not think that the classes were actually engaging enough for us.

So many times, we hear this example. So many times we hear: the subject is boring, the teacher is just presenting, perhaps repeating a summary of the summary on a certain issue, and/ or the teacher does not seem to fully grasp the lecture. So many other phrases are used to describe our ‘day at school’.

Take into account that I’m not referring to the campus teachers in specific, but the educational system in so many institutions is an automatic cycle of old structures, used over and over again. This leads to students being what we commonly would call bored, not enhancing, or extending, their critical abilities to their specific and unique skill sets they might not even be aware off.

If both teachers and students were to put an effort of changing the structure of schooling to give an education that intrigues and sparks the youngster’s neurons into personal projects, into learning and not just passing, into engaging with the teacher that was put and not having to look up into Ratemyteacher.com then school would be becoming a true educational institute.

The human rationale and being is, by nature, curious. Stepping on the moon, space exploration, being able to fly on an airplane are all great examples of why curiosity is an innate piece in human history, and yet there seems to be so many shutdowns or discouraging to finding out new solutions to challenges that apprehend all of us, even if in small scales.

I challenge you, next time you pick up a reading that is obligatory, go do a project about a certain topic or even get on the bus to your educational institute, do not let the old, structure system get the worst of you but take this opportunity to expand and learn about yourself and what makes you intrigued as a pathway.




Kimberly Oileng Szetu Pernia

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 48 Issue 1 on September 12, 2018


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